About the Easy Out Line of Pet Door Openers and its Inventor

The Easy Out remote-controlled pet door opener was born out of the inventor's desire to no longer need to get up every morning before dawn and walk down 2 flights of stairs to release the family's puppy Daisy when she would awaken, realize she was lonely, and start crying. As soon as he opened her crate, Daisy burst through the door past him, ran up the stairs, and jumped into the inventor's spot in the bed. The inventor would then have to climb back up the stairs in the dark, cold house and nudge Daisy enough out of his spot to fit back in the bed! One morning back in 2005, it hit him that if he could rig up some type of gizmo to pull the crate's latch back with a remote control, he could stay in bed and not need to get up at all! So, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and the Easy Out was born.

After being published in Design News magazine, it won a contest as their best reader-submitted invention that year. After optimizing it over the years and securing 2 US patents, the inventor finally turned his dream of helping other pet owners with it into a reality. The result was the original product you see in the earlier videos on this website and in this picture of that inventor holding his first packaged version of it:


By modifying its design so it can be plugged into an AC outlet, it evolved into the DELUXE version that provides much more robust and reliable performance and can be activated by your smartphone from anywhere with a Wi-Fi smart plug or via a preset timer while still retaining its battery capabilities for applications where there is no way to plug it in. The "Deluxe Plus" version was created to include a Wi-Fi smart plug with each order to allow smartphone and timer use without purchasing anything separately. Over the years, it has been used around the world by zoos, humane societies, K9 trainers, mobility-challenged folks, chicken farmers, magicians, animal rescue groups, hunters, and even escape rooms! But its main purpose is to help regular pet families, and the inventor continues to feel proud every time he hears them share stories about the many different ways their daily lives with their pets have improved, far beyond just being able to stay in bed longer 🙂 … and the fun of seeing your puppy or dog run to you so joyfully when you release them with it is still as cool as it was way back in 2005!